We call it The InQuire Way

We think, live and breathe logistics. Some people say we're passionate about it, which makes us feel proud. We are driven by the desire to create logistics systems for brand-owning companies that improve their profitability and delivery quality as well as benefiting the environment. For us, every logistics flow is a challenge. We always ask ourselves: Is this flow really as efficient as possible? Couldn't it be improved? This is why we are never satisfied and always on the move. 

We call this The InQuire Way.


On the basis of IQPL, InQuire offers a range of solutions including continental freight transport, cross-border deliveries and national and international full loads and part loads, together with distribution to the final consignee. We specialise in the neutral co-distribution of goods using an effective and highly efficient network.



Do you need a professional team to develop and drive all orparts of your logistics system? The combination of IQPL and our efficient employees allows us to manage and plan your goods deliveries working in close collaboration with you. You can insource your logistics again at any time and we can help with the transition by providing training, implementation and introductions relating to IT support and methods.



Do you have the right solutions and the right procedures? Do you have the knowledge and the tools you need for making rational decisions on procuring logistics services? We can help you to evaluate and implement new behaviours and methods. We can also provide individual analyses or training in designing the entire logistics chain.



IQ support is available to companies that work with our methods and have a licence for IQPL. It is also a tool for our subcontractors who make use of our IT support. Our competent and friendly employees will provide you with straightforward help in a range of different areas.


A new idea of delivery

Offer your customers the delivery services of tomorrow. Happy Delivery is designed to make your deliveries more cost-effective and sustainable – while at the same time boosting your sales. This is our response to an old fashioned business lacking sustainable and modern alternatives. Happy Delivery is a new idea of delivery, with smarter planning and more satisfied customers. Read more.


Management with very low overheads

IQPL – the Intelligent Partner of Logistics – is the model that forms the basis for our entire business and that we use to manage it. It includes our methods, processes and IT tools. Working with a standardised model allows us to be efficient and development-focused, flexible and innovative.

IQPL consists of eight processes and functions, which can be broken down into different areas on a number of levels. All the areas are standardised and can be combined in different ways, which makes the model flexible and easily adjustable. Each area is constantly under development, as we identify opportunities for introducing even better solutions. Because IQPL has a standardised structure that is broken down into components, changes can generally be made very quickly.

The model has proved to be highly effective and to allow for rapid development. The basic concept is that it is better to make a large number of small changes directly and continuously, rather than attempting to introduce major developments which can only be implemented slowly and with difficulty and may never achieve their objectives. In addition, these methods allow us to focus on the small things that are normally overlooked.

A stimulating and profitable cooperation

Our collaboration is based on trust, expectations and fulfilment. As our customer, you can be certain that you have made the right choice. You can look forward to good results and you will always feel satisfied at the end of a project. We work on the basis that this also applies to our relationship with you. As a partner, we set our own standards. In our experience, this is how a creative, stimulating and profitable cooperation should be established.

We open in Helsinki

By setting up InQuire in Finland we secure a proof of concept of home deliveries in the finnish market for one of the Nordic countries largest company in consumer elektronics....
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Happy children is this year’s best Christmas gift

A DAY WITHOUT LAUGHTER IS A DAY WASTED  Charlie Chaplin A quote that fits Clowns without borders well. They send clowns around the world, spreading laughter and joy to children affected...
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InQuire celebrates 5 year!

I dagarna firar vi våra första fem år som företag, vilket känns fantastiskt roligt. När bolaget startades hösten 2010 visste vi nog inte exakt vart denna resa skulle ta oss, men...
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A bicycle can be all that’s needed for a child to be able to go to school.

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Abro Brewery expands cooperation with InQuire

Åbro has chosen to expand cooperation with InQuire regarding distribution of products primarily to resellers in Stockholms county, Uppsala county, Dalarnas county and parts of Södermanlands county. InQuire already has...
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